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Rule Number 3 Every ERP Software Customer Should Know

Over the past two weeks we’ve introduced you to Rule #1  and Rule #2 that every ERP software customer should know. We’d like to close out by introducing you to Rule #3: It Takes a Village.

Imagine a body builder that eats right, trains every day, but never lifts with his left arm. Pretty strange right? He wouldn’t be able to compete as effectively and would struggle to win competitions. Now imagine a manufacturer where every department is trained and using the ERP system but Quality. That manufacturer wouldn’t be able to compete effectively and would struggle to retain existing business and win new business.

Manufacturers that run ERP successfully will all tell you one thing – it takes a village. Everyone has to do their part. Each part of your business has to be committed and trained. ERP success starts with a cultural shift at every level to know and use the system – President, CEO, CIO, CFO, Executive, Management, Shop Floor, and Administration. If one person decides it is too difficult, frustrating, or not important to be accurate it can sink the success. Well-trained users will always deliver better results for any software. That is why Global Shop Solutions takes training seriously. So serious in fact that we started our own school – Global Shop Solutions University, which has four main pillars of education.

Global Shop Solutions customers know what to expect when coming to headquarters for training. Here’s what CEO of K&B Industries Danny Jordan had to say about one of our Advanced User Training classes:

It was very comprehensive, thoroughly covered, excellent leaders/facilitators, and helpful handouts!

Global Shop Solutions also offers online Virtual Training, On-Site Consulting, and our industry-leading FastCHECK ROI where a senior consultant visits your facility for two full days, identifying areas for improvement with your software and general manufacturing process. The typical results of a FastCHECK ROI identify tens of thousands of dollars in savings as well as opportunities to increase the velocity of your manufacturing.

The village doesn’t end with training. Each and every Global Shop Solutions customer has an Account Representative assigned to their business with the primary responsibilities being to guide their ERP journey and be the voice of the customer internally. The Account Representative will work to understand your business, your unique needs, and proactively introduce new products, solutions, and new business opportunities from the thousands of customers across the nearly 25 countries and over 20 industries our software is being used. In addition to the Account Representative, Global Shop Solutions has a Custom Development department completely dedicated to responding to the unique and custom development needs of our customer base.

Know what you have and use it. How you start matters. It takes a village. Three simple rules put you on the path to ERP success, using the entire system from quote to cash for your entire business. To learn more about these 3 rules and why every ERP user should know them, download our whitepaper today.

Adam Grabowski is the Director of Marketing at Global Shop Solutions. He is responsible for translating the company’s business objectives into a successful brand, marketing, and communication strategies to drive awareness, revenue, and loyalty.

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