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Nesting Interface Software For Manufacturing

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Through Global Shop Solutions Nesting Interface, your ERP software and your nesting software now have a customized back-and-forth exchange of information to simplify your shop floor production. Optimization data is sent from your nesting software providing you opportunities for enhanced production scheduling, estimating improvements and inventory adjustments. Trim your production down to the leanest numbers. Available on premise and in the cloud.

Nesting Interface Software Benefits

Simplify Shop Floor Production

When your nesting software and your ERP software communicate back and forth, the results are better inventory management and production schedules. As you see your inventory and production schedule in Global Shop Solutions ERP software, you can easily send that information to your nesting software to help optimize your cutlist. Send work orders, inventory information, work centers details and more to your nesting software; while your nesting software can share cutlist details, material drops, scrap and estimates for routing and work orders, among other things, back into your ERP software. Automating this process frees up time for your employees to focus on producing a quality product on time.

Best Utilization of Material and Time

Through integration with our cutlist application, you can now know exactly how many work orders are in the queue that can fit on your current piece of material from inventory. This integration allows your shop floor employee to clock in to only one cutlist instead of multiple work orders saving time and money. Updating estimates is easy as you can know how long it will take for projects to be completed as the Nesting Interface reports that information back to Global Shop Solutions ERP software.

Better Inventory Management

Data streamed between Global Shop Solutions ERP software and your nesting software allows you to know exactly what material drops are left to place back in inventory or utilize for your next work orders. Reduce material waste as your ERP software selects parts out of inventory and machines ready for production and tells your nesting software exactly how many work orders need to fit on that piece of material. Easily track scrap to maximize production.

Functionality and Features

  • Interfaces with SigmaNEST®, Ncell, TRUMPF, ProNest and more
  • Two-way communication
  • Track scrap
  • Reduce costs
  • Update estimates
  • Multiple work orders, one cutlist
  • Integrates with Global Shop Solutions cutlist application
  • Save labor hours including machine cut time
  • Receive and create material drops/remnants information

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