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Rule Number 1 Every ERP Software Customer Should Know

Manufacturing is challenging. No matter what part you are manufacturing, it takes guts, grit, dedication, and passion to be successful. The job of any ERP software provider is to help every customer simplify their manufacturing. So, how do we get manufacturers to become successful with the entire ERP system? With 3 simple rules which we’ll share with you over the next few weeks and can be found in The 3 Rules Every ERP Software Customer Should Know whitepaper. Today, we’re introducing you to Rule #1: Know What You Have and Use It.

One of the biggest reasons a manufacturer turns to ERP software is data. They want data about their business that doesn’t exist, or they want truthful data instead of a best guess. You can’t manage what you don’t know, and in order to get the data, you need to know what software is available for you to use and then you must use it.

The most successful ERP software customers are aware – they pay attention. They read the emails, read the newsletter, participate in an assortment of training events offered to them through the year, and as a result, they know all the great software modules that are available to them (with the vast majority included in their original purchase).

What software modules do Global Shop Solutions customers own? A lot. You can check out the full list here. ERP success starts with knowing what is available and using all the modules, not just a few, to manage your business. In addition to the software modules listed on our site, Global Shop Solutions customers have access to the Application Resource Center (ARC), which provides our customers nearly 1,500 custom applications and reports for download free of charge.

Global Shop Solutions customer Auger Fabrication, Inc. knew that our ERP software was the right choice for their manufacturing business.

“What really sealed the deal for us was the software’s ability to adapt to the way we do business. Our production flow and customers demand differ from most manufacturers, and they showed us how we could tailor the system to fit the way we operate.”

– Eric Edington, Executive Vice President of Auger Fabrication, Inc.

If you’re an ERP software customer that does know what you own and how to use it, you should be able to scream yes to the following 4 questions. And if you can’t, then you need more training or a new ERP software.

  1. Do you know your costs?
  2. Do you know your inventory?
  3. Can you flow your inventory and operations data to an accurate financial statement?
  4. Do you have the real-time labor and material data from the shop floor?

Read our blog next week to learn about Rule #2 every ERP customer should know or download our whitepaper today.

Adam Grabowski is the Director of Marketing at Global Shop Solutions. He is responsible for translating the company’s business objectives into a successful brand, marketing, and communication strategies to drive awareness, revenue, and loyalty.

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