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Rule Number 2 Every ERP Software Customer Should Know

Last week, we introduced you to Rule #1 that every ERP software customer should know: Know What You Have and Use It. Today, we’re introducing you to Rule #2: How You Start Matters.

Change is never easy. It can make the strongest individual weak at the knees because you don’t always have the certainty everything will work out like you hoped or planned for. In manufacturing, changing ERP systems or implementing a new one is scary. A manufacturer’s success or failure with ERP can typically be traced back to two questions – did they pick the right software for their needs and/or did the entire company buy in during implementation?

Of course, no one knows your business better than you, and why would they? The consulting team working with you through implementation should be experts not only in software but manufacturing. Your implementation team should replicate the same passion for your success as your employees do. The goal of implementation is not to simply go live, but to accomplish the following 5 goals:

  1. Accurate Inventory
  2. Accurate Costing
  3. Accurate Financial Statement with Operations Data
  4. Access to Operations Data in Real-Time
  5. Simplified Manufacturing

Ensure you have the right people, the right process, and the best software, as each has its hand in being successful with an entire ERP system.

The right people – our ERP consultants are direct employees of Global Shop Solutions, have previous operational, technical, and financial experience, and live by one motto – anytime, anywhere and whatever it takes to make our customers successful. If this means showing up on a Saturday, working 16-hour days, or walking uphill both ways in the snow to get to your facility – consider it done.

The right process – with 40 years of serving manufacturers under our belt, Global Shop Solutions has developed a nine-stage systematic approach for achieving go live and five implementation goals. You can view them in detail here.

“The Global Shop Solutions consultants are willing to come out and visit you on site and are very focused on you and your process. They can even show you new configurations in the system you weren’t aware of while they are they working with you.”

– Sheri Principato, Vice President, GereMarie Corporation

The best software – it’s Global Shop Solutions.

Check back next week to learn about our third and final rule every ERP customer should know or download our whitepaper today.

Adam Grabowski is the Director of Marketing at Global Shop Solutions. He is responsible for translating the company’s business objectives into a successful brand, marketing, and communication strategies to drive awareness, revenue, and loyalty.

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