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Global Shop Solutions ERP software Project Management application combines all the data and parameters you need to effectively manage multiple, complex manufacturing projects over extended periods. From managing project budgets by phase or project group to calculating actual versus estimated costs, the Project Management application allows your management team to keep a firm handle on all project tasks and costs to maximize the revenue outcome. Available on premise and in the cloud.

Project Management Software Benefits

Highly Visible, Accurate and Transparent Data Calculation

From work and sales orders to shipments and quotes, all manufacturing project data is easily obtainable through the Project Management application. View all open orders and components for a single project on one screen for easy assimilation of pertinent data. Project status reporting makes analysis of data simple, with detailed cost and status data available by main project or individual job. Control costs and stay within budget with increased accuracy and visibility of all project data.

Customizable Reporting for Detailed Project Management

Create customized reporting options for complex projects, defining costs from high-level summary to detailed, in-depth costs pertaining to outlined parameters. Easily group work orders to create customized reports to analyze costs through cut off dates.

Keep Manufacturing Projects on Time and on Budget

Use the customizable Project Management application to create budgets by both work order or project group, helping you manage estimated costs versus actual costs over the life of the project. This allows your team to fine-tune revenue projections by product line, giving a ratio of actual versus estimated costs to meet revenue goals at each stage of the project.

Functionality and Features

  • Flexible project management parameters
  • Set your own user-definable project groups
  • Recognize revenue based on a ratio of actual costs versus estimated costs
  • View project status and completion percentage on one screen
  • Control costs from start to finish
  • Capture profitability on a project across dates
  • Sales analysis by product and customer
  • Multi-level bill of material (BOM) work orders
  • Group similar work order operations for reporting purposes
  • Create project budgets by work order or project group
  • Analyze estimate vs. actual over the life of the project
  • Open order reporting
  • Bookings reports
  • UPS®/FedEx® integration
  • Keep costs in line through cutoff dates by project group or work order
  • Analyze data of all project costs with customizable reporting capabilities
  • Main project ties all work orders to one sales order
  • View projects by work order number or work breakdown structure
  • Project grouping brings together similar functions for reporting requirements
  • Collect all active data for a project
  • Collections of jobs

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