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Don’t Let Your Problems Make You Lose Customers


You’ve seen and heard this hashtag all over – social media, the news, Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel, from the mouth of your children or grandchildren. Someone lightheartedly expressing a frustration – that normally makes us laugh.

But what if that frustration actually cost you customers? What if #ICant decreased your sales, increased your costs, or destroyed your reputation? It’s not so funny then.

Below are eight “I Can’t” statements that we hear over and over again in manufacturing. Click on the link below of your biggest shop problem, and see what you’ll gain when you fix your manufacturing problem.

  1. I can’t get my parts through the shop fast enough.
  2. I can’t schedule and deliver on time.
  3. I can’t get my quality right.
  4. I can’t get my sales to grow.
  5. I can’t figure out my costs.
  6. I can’t get my inventory accurate.
  7. I can’t control my labor costs.
  8. I can’t serve my customers the way I want.

Turn your “I Can’t” into “I Can” by applying the exact right ERP software module to your problem – and then watch your sales grow, your costs decrease and your customer retention improve.

If you aren’t sure exactly what your problem is, take our Manufacturing Health Test to identify your biggest problems. Then contact us. We can help.

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