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Sustainable Manufacturing Made Possible With ERP Software

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A software system that directly acknowledges and enhances a manufacturer’s commitment to green practices is a necessity for businesses today.

Recently, UPS Application Magazine named Active Power, a flywheel energy and power technology developer, its 2014 Green Environmental UPS Manufacturer of the Year. Part of what earned Active Power this award is its commitment to energy efficiency and the ability to create products that are 98-percent energy efficient. Since its debut in 1992, Active Power has saved over $80 million in energy costs and purged at least 630,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere. UPS (which stands for “uninterruptible power supply”) Application Magazine is based in Beijing and uses online votes, research and industry expert opinions to determine which company will receive the honor each year.

This sustainable goal is inching closer to becoming the norm for manufacturers throughout the world. In Illinois, four different companies recently convened at the Sustainable Manufacturer and Water 2.0 Conference & Exhibits to discuss where they fit into the green picture.  Metcam Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Manager Sue Max encouraged manufacturers to use vendors who also focus on environmental sustainability. Her company decided to exchange its solvent-based paint with a powder coating, which entailed acquiring an entirely new equipment line. This meant Metcam was now considered a conditionally exempt small-quantity generator, as opposed to a large-quantity hazardous waste generator. Because the company ceased releasing volatile organic compounds into the air, it did not need a permit or hazardous waste disposal. This definitely saved money over time.

The process of achieving sustainability is an admirable one, and the application of ERP software can launch or enhance these initiatives. The digitization of spreadsheets reduces waste dramatically, even with respect to reduced transportation costs as a result of on-time deliveries. It’s an important tools for any manufacturer.



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