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Secret Number 3 to Reduce Cost on the Manufacturing Shop Floor

Imagine you’re walking through your shop floor and you see one or two employees caught up in conversation or fiddling with their phones. You stop and ask what’s going on and they respond with, “we don’t know what to work on.”

We’ve all seen it, and we’ve probably done it, but employee downtime can be a big driver of costs if not monitored carefully. That’s why our third secret to reducing cost on the shop floor is decrease employee downtime.

You can’t deliver a quality part on-time, every time if your employees don’t know what to work on. The employees at a typical Global Shop Solutions customer know exactly what they are supposed to be working on and when.

Leveraging products like TrueView™ that display the next sequence of jobs throughout the shop floor as well as our Shop Floor Data Collection dispatch lists show an employee what to work on next, real time, as they are clocking in and out of jobs throughout the day. There is no wasted time searching for lost job orders, fumbling through paperwork, waiting for materials to arrive, or standing around wondering what to do next.

Additionally, as order requirements and priorities change, the dispatch lists are updated automatically. No need for the front office to chase down paperwork or update a job and notify the shop floor via email. The workenter dispatch lists are updated in real-time.

Just ask our customer Bill Staber, President of Staber Industries who especially likes TrueView™ that displays real-time labor, material and production data on a large screen on their shop floor.

“Workers get a better feel for the overall workflow because all the orders are on display, they don’t have to shuffle through a stack of routers to see what’s coming up next. As a result, they can save time and be more efficient with on-demand and upcoming jobs by appropriately sequencing them at each workcenter.”

– Bill Staber, President, Staber Industries

Have you used any of our three secrets yet? Check our blog next week to learn about our fourth secret to reducing cost on the manufacturing shop floor, or download our whitepaper today.

Adam Grabowski  is the Director of Marketing for Global Shop Solutions. He is responsible for strategically positioning the company and its ERP software product to make existing customers more successful and compete for new business opportunities in the manufacturing industry.


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