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Scheduling the Shop Floor – It Can be Done!

Just because something is doable, doesn’t make it easy. Same goes for properly scheduling your shop floor. CTE Magazine has a great article in their April issue highlighting the importance of accurate shop floor scheduling and how to achieve it.

In order to successfully schedule, you have to keep your scheduling database up-to-date. By simply taking the time and having patience to feed the scheduling system, I guarantee you will be more efficient than companies who run a poorly implemented system or those who have no system at all!

Global Shop Solutions Senior Consultant Bob Geiss mentions in the article how selecting finite vs infinite capabilities is something many shops would prefer to avoid.

“In an infinite system, the scheduling engine takes whatever workload is thrown at it,” says Geiss, “optimistically scheduling each job as if it were the only one in the shop. The result is a complete disregard of constraints, leading to overly bullish delivery dates. In a finite environment, the system recognizes that each person or piece of equipment can work on only one operation at one time.”

The solution? We recommend setting up the shop bottlenecks as finite resources and the rest as infinite. Why you ask? Geiss explains that “chances are good that you can shuffle people around or hire a temp if you get backed up on an infinite resource. But if you have limitations with a certain machine tool, it should definitely be made finite.”

At the end of the day, if you can understand this side of scheduling, you will be better off and left with a cleaner shop floor schedule. If you’d like to read the full article, click here.

Bob Geiss is a senior consultant with Global Shop Solutions. He has implemented ERP software at hundreds of manufacturers throughout his career and is a recognized industry expert in scheduling. 

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