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Less (Paper) is More (Money) in Manufacturing

By the time you pick up the newspaper, the news is already old. That saying is true in business, sports, and even in manufacturing. By the time you print out the schedule and tack information to the board for your employees the data could already be outdated or inaccurate. Changes happen and they happen fast.

It is a little-known secret that most manufacturers want to be tree huggers. Paper on the shop floor is slow. The more paper and spreadsheets on the shop floor the more hunting, pecking, and lost time. Lean manufacturers reduce paper and spreadsheets because it saves money on overhead, using technology on the shop floor increases accuracy and speed of communication, and employee morale is improved by reducing those small daily frustrations. Plus it makes you look credible, trustworthy, and forward thinking when your customers or prospects come to visit your facility, and you are showing them schedules and work in progress on iPads or on big TrueView™ Data Display screens in your facility.

Global Shop Solutions fully-integrated ERP software system notifies employees which job to run next, or employees can view real-time dispatch lists on the shop floor, leveraging a product like TrueView. No more asking supervisors for directions or hunting down paperwork. All the information regarding the next job is available at the touch of a button, click of a mouse, or glance at a screen. Every manufacturer is different, and the greater the degree of automation and paperless(ness), the more customization you need from your manufacturing software.

Reducing spreadsheets and paper are time and money savers, but don’t just take our word for it. I invite you to read and download case studies on this topic from our great customers like Corsair Electrical Connectors, Inc., Archer Advanced Rubber Components, or Enoch Precision Machining.  Additionally, we have more in-depth blogs on the topic such as Next Generation Materials Management for Manufacturing and Going Paperless with ERP Solutions Comes with Various Benefits.

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