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Keep Your Customers Happy the Smart Way

It wasn’t too long ago that manufacturers who could consistently provide a quality product on time would go straight to the head of the class. Today, your customers consider quality and on-time delivery as basic requirements in order to be considered. When you can’t deliver what your customers want, when and how they want it, you’ve got a problem. That problem being your customers will eventually take their business to your competitors to get what they need.

So how do you avoid this mistake of losing a great customer? By having a modern ERP system. If your ERP software can’t provide in-the-moment shop floor data that lets you respond to job changes in real time, you’ll be spending your days chasing after competitors who can.

Your ERP system must do more than help lean operations and simplify your business – it should also enable you to keep up with the latest technology, processes, and other industry trends. But most importantly, your ERP system should offer you robust customization features that enable you to tweak software to fit the mold of the way you run your manufacturing business and how you value your customers.

Read my “Can You Serve Your Customers the Way You Want?” whitepaper for a more in-depth look at how ERP software can help you meet your customers’ demands and keep them happy.

Don’t get stuck in your competitor’s shadow. It’s time to stop saying “I can’t serve my customers the way I want”. I’m here to help.

Chris Pinaire is the Director of Consulting and Implementation at Global Shop Solutions, where he has been a part of more than 250 ERP software implementations. His team has more than 200 implementations active at any given time. When Chris is not helping customers simplify their operations to become more efficient, he enjoys running and spending time with his family.

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