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It’s No AXE-ident: Three Ways ERP Software WOOD Help Manufacturers

For centuries humans have used wood to create just about anything and everything. From shelter and weapons, to the chairs we sit in, to the wood flooring in our homes, we are surrounded by wood on a daily basis. So it got me thinking, what are the ways a great ERP software help simplify manufacturing for woodworking manufacturers around the world.

First, take a look at the way inventory is managed. In the wood industry, inventory parts cover a broad spectrum. Some will be manufactured from a lesser cost wood, while some will be very high dollar wood. Some manufacturing steps add a very high amount of labor to the part with a lot of setup time involved; and with those steps, the potential for irreparable damage is high. Quantities run as well as the utilization of any pieces remaining from a previous run need to be optimized. With inventory software, you can stay on top of your materials and reduce manufacturing costs by knowing inventory levels, every second of every day.

Secondly, we know that in the woodworking industry, one piece will frequently be further machined to make a component of a differing assembly. The ability to enter and store this knowledge in a system preserves it through the transition of personnel. This is where ERP software steps in. With shop management software, all your project information is at your fingertips to help you effectively manage your manufacturing projects in real time.

A third critical area is through automated purchasing software. (Read more about that topic in this blog.) Many of the raw materials have lead times that have wide lead time swings based on numerous environmental factors. ERP software can assist with these lead time swings by generating a list of materials needed to purchase overall or through a cutoff date. The ability to determine the requirements over varying timeframes helps assure material is on hand to support continued production.

To learn more about the wood manufacturing industry or to download case studies related to woodworking, check out our website here.

Bob Miller is a consultant for Global Shop Solutions and is responsible for helping customers get the most out of their Global Shop Solution ERP software. 

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