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Buy Smarter and Cheaper with Automated Purchasing

Global Shop Solutions Automated Purchasing

Purchasing is highly efficient in Global Shop Solutions’ ERP software. Automated Purchasing users experience simplified inventory management and time spent on purchasing is cut in half! Through the use of these three innovative tools companies are fully capable of streamlining their purchasing system and cutting costs by as much as 4%:

Automated Purchasing
Automated Purchasing works by generating a list of materials needed to purchase overall or through a cutoff date. Users can purchase based on requirements and/or reorder points, and quickly identify the best price by checking vendor quotes and purchase history.

Blanket Purchase Orders
By creating a blanket purchase orders, you can lock in the best price with a vendor. Automated Purchasing also create releases against the blanket every time the material is purchased. From a single screen, users can determine the status of each order and tell immediately if it is in inspection, received, if the order is opened, closed, etc.

Purchasing Action Required
When work orders are rescheduled or customers change due dates, purchase order dates and required quantities can change. The Purchasing Action Required screen shows purchasing agents all of the modifications required to keep the jobs on schedule.

“Global Shop Automated Purchasing has streamlined our purchasing as well as reduced our inventory by six digits. In three hours per week, we can have PO’s automatically cut for hundreds of purchased inventory parts with diverse vendors, lead times, and pricing. This automation has greatly enhanced our inventory control by purchasing only items needed just in time before starting the job. In today’s competitive market, inventory control and management with automation tools such as Automated Purchasing combined with Global Shop Solutions’ Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) give us the tools needed to reduce costs by managed inventory, accurate costing, and labor reduction.” – James L. Martin, General Manager, Martin’s Wood Products

“Global Shop Solutions’ Auto Purchasing has reduced our inventory from $1.5 million to about $400,000.” – Mike Kelly, IT Manager, Arcadia Manufacturing

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