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From Drones to 3D-Printed Masks: Helping People Be Safe During COVID

manufacturers make masks to combat COVD-19

Fortem Technologies makes autonomous drones and AI-driven software to protect large facilities such as stadiums, airports, and campuses from dangerous or malicious drones and drone attacks. Their products are in no way related to the medical industry. But when the Provo, Utah, police put out an urgent plea for protective masks for their staff and other first responders, Fortem Technologies stepped up to the plate.

Their engineers immediately set to work producing protective masks using the company’s 3D printers. Within the first day, they had produced and donated 100 masks to the police department. After adding more 3D printers into the mix and running them around the clock, Fortem Technologies is now turning out 200+ masks per day. Many of these are being shipped to police departments and hospitals from Los Angeles to Texas.

“Making protective masks isn’t our core business, so it took some time to figure out the correct specs and ensure the masks are made properly. It’s not hard to innovate when you know you can help protect those who are putting their lives on the line for us every day. Once we developed a framework for making the masks, we were able start turning them out in quantity.”

Jen Colton, VP of Public and Government Relations at Fortem Technologies

Like all businesses, Fortem Technologies is focusing on safety in the workplace. This includes strict adherence to CDC guidelines to work remotely, restrict travel, wash hands frequently, and maintain social distancing.

“We’re in the security business, so the reason we get out of bed in the morning is to help people be safer,” says Colton. “In addition to taking good care of each other, we’re also focused on helping our customers, neighbors, and those on the front lines in our community. We plan to continue printing and delivering as many masks as we can until the need is met.”

This is just one of our great customers who have risen to meet the challenge. Discover more stories in this multi-part series.

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