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Does Your Sales Pipeline Have Leaks?

Standard business philosophy views sales as a pipeline. Manufacturing is no different. We want that pipeline running at full blast with sales pouring in. It makes for a happy and healthy business.

But want do you do when your sales pipeline has sprung a leak?

You’ll want to examine all aspects of your business, especially your shop floor, to see if there’s production issues, bottlenecks long lead times or shipping problems. A lean, efficient shop floor obviously positively affects your sales pipeline so it’s got to be in tip top shape.

But what if the leak doesn’t have to do with your shop floor? Where do you turn to pinpoint the leak?

Fixing Your Sales Process

Stopping the pipeline leaks that act like an anchor on sales growth starts with having instant access to real-time data throughout your sales process. The most efficient way to do that is to look into your fully-integrated ERP system’s sales software.

You can stop the leaks, attract new customers, retain current customers, control your costs to price competitively, and create efficient sales processes.

Read my “Using ERP to Grow Sales” whitepaper for the exact direction to turn to plug your leak.

It’s time to stop saying “I can’t get my sales to grow”.  I’m here to help.

Casey Moes is a Senior Implementation Consultant for Global Shop Solutions with more than 15 years’ experience managing people and projects, 10 years working with Global Shop Solutions software, and over five years as a Team Lead for Global Shop Solutions. He has managed over 100 implementations, for customers of all sizes, and is known as the “Global Shop Solutions Guru” of the CRM software.

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