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A View of Your Manufacturing So Real, It Can Only Be a TrueView

Imagine a world where you wake up in the morning, open your eyes, flip on the TV, and the screen mesmerizes you. It mesmerizes you because it isn’t Game of Thrones, CNN, or the latest Oakland Raiders highlights, but instead something much more important. On the screen is a view of everything you have to deliver in real time – bills to pay, birthday cards to mail, laundry to do, people to call, and more. This view is real, unaltered, up to date, and color-coded so you can easily see what you are ahead, on-time, or behind with. One might say this view is so real that it is true, or a TrueView™ Data Display.

This is no imaginary world for manufacturers using Global Shop Solutions. Not only is it the real world, but it is free. Just ask our customer Bill Staber of Staber Industries who especially likes TrueView that displays real-time labor, material and production data on a large screen on the shop floor.

“We still have paper routers on the floor with due dates on them,” he says, “but TrueView highlights the late ones in red so they get extra attention. Workers also get a better feel for the overall workflow because all the orders are on display, and they don’t have to shuffle through a stack of routers to see what’s coming up next.”

” As a result, they can save time and be more efficient with on-demand and upcoming jobs by appropriately sequencing them at each workcenter. ” 

– Bill Staber, Staber Industries

TrueView comes in several variations to support the manufacturing industry’s demand for simpler manufacturing. These variations include data display, current labor/work in process, shipping, and workcenter dispatch to name a few. The TrueView product was designed and developed as a result of three major manufacturing issues:

  • Visibility of all labor and work in process on the shop floor
  • Bulletin boards with massive amount of paper for scheduling
  • Visibility of work orders that are due now, late, or is outstanding in the week to come

TrueView tackles all of these data visibility and transparency issues by making the information visible, readable, in real time, and easily replaces paper-based reports for schedules, efficiency, work in process, etc. You save money because TrueView doesn’t require man hours to support outside of the initial setup and cuts down on the cost of paper that is floating around the production floor. TrueView simplifies your manufacturing.

Silas Fulsom is a Project Manager in Global Shop Solutions’ Custom Development Team who developed the TrueView product based on existing customer ideas and solutions.

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