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Use your ERP software to better reach your target audience.
Use ERP Software to Boost Online Marketing
July 10, 2014
Manufacturers can better control and execute their online marketing strategies with ERP software. A strong, stable business is built through consistently effective marketing to the right audience.
ERP Software Gives Manufacturing Companies A Competitive Edge
July 07, 2014
Competition in the manufacturing sector is stiff, though the right ERP software can give your business the competitive edge it needs. An integrated system can lower costs, increase on-time delivery rates, improve customer service and smooth out any rough areas in planning and scheduling.
ERP software improve supply chain management systems.
How ERP Software Enhances Supply Chain Management Systems
July 03, 2014
Enterprise resource planning streamlines small and midsized manufacturing companies' supply chain management functions.
Real-time ERP data, with proper metrics, can be utilized to improve your business.
Real-time ERP Data Can Improve Business Performance
July 01, 2014
There are many benefits to implementing ERP software into your manufacturing business, such as access to real-time data. By gathering this information on the fly, you will have a greater understanding of what's happening on the production floor and in the warehouse.
Sustainability is one way of being environmentally friendly without hurting your bottom line.
Integrating Sustainability Into Manufacturing with ERP
June 30, 2014
The path to sustainability for a manufacturer can be beneficial for the business, and an ERP software implementation can streamline the process effectively.