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PKWY Cover Story on Global Shop Solutions
Global Shop Solutions featured on the cover of PKWY Magazine
October 14, 2015
Dusty Alexander and Global Shop Solutions land on the cover of PKWY Magazine, the new premier B2B magazine and website servicing The Woodlands, Texas and its surrounding areas. Congratulations everyone!
Manufacturers are expected to increase demand for ERP software.
Trends Will Continue to Help ERP Grow
May 08, 2015
A recent study by Allied Market Research shows encouraging signs for ERP software. The global ERP market is expected to reach $41.7 billion by 2020. On-premise ERP software is expected to retain a high market share according to the research firm.
An ERP design team will help a company realize a smooth implementation process.
The Importance of an ERP Design Team
March 23, 2015
Coming to the conclusion that a company needs an enterprise resource planning solution in place isn't easy. Many successful organizations may find it hard to readjust the way they operate based on the data generated by an ERP system.
To ensure a smooth implementation, a strong ERP strategy must be developed first.
Developing a Strong ERP Strategy
March 19, 2015
When companies decide that they need to introduce enterprise resource planning software into their operations, this isn't a decision that is made lightly.
Understanding ERP maintenance and licensing options should be a top priority for decision-makers.
Understanding ERP Software Licensing and Maintenance Fees
March 03, 2015
Implementation of an enterprise resource planning system is a process that requires a number of variables to be weighed. Introducing a system of this kind into a company's operation provides a number of different benefits.