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Improving Shop Floor Security and Efficiency with RFID Technology

In today’s cost-competitive manufacturing environment, shaving minutes or even seconds from processes performed hundreds or thousands of times a day can make a real difference in shop floor productivity. Global Shop Solutions, a leading producer of manufacturing ERP software, helps their customers achieve this goal by using RFID (radio frequency…

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Going Live Gets Our Customer Excited

Going live with new software is exciting – so exciting that one of our customers, Metalform, who operates in New Zealand, posted this news item on their website. While the implementation process for Global Shop Solutions takes an average of six months, go-live dates are what some companies refer to as the “Christmas morning” of…

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Metalforming Industry Business Conditions Report – March 2017

Courtesy of our partner the Precision Metalforming Association, we are proud to provide the following business conditions report for March 2017. According to the March 2017 Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) Business Conditions Report, metalforming companies are optimistic about business conditions during the next three months. Prepared month…

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Sweet Home Alabama, Where the ERP Software Works!

Founded to provide a work-training program for inmates of the Alabama Department of Corrections, Alabama Correctional Industries (ACI) is one out of a handful of correctional facilities using Global Shop Solutions to simplify their manufacturing. Through their program, ACI manufactures a variety of products to assist Alabama state departments, inst…

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