Project-Based Manufacturing

Project-Based Manufacturing

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The cost control, flexibility, and reporting advantages from Global Shop Solutions ERP software for project-based manufacturers enables you to compete for any project. Our manufacturing software consolidates the most important items for manufacturers dealing with large projects such as several work orders, sales orders, and purchase orders into a single screen to make decisions and manage from, as well as compare status versus budgets. Our ERP Software is available on premise and in the cloud.

"Using Global Shop Solutions has helped to instill in our employees that everything they do has an impact on our bottom line."

-Project-Based Manufacturer & Our Customer R.O.V. Technologies, Inc.

ERP Software That Delivers Beyond Expectations

Our ultimate goal is to simplify the manufacturing process for our customers, improving efficiency while increasing profits. The integration of automated inventory control with the management of planning and scheduling for the shop floor achieves both of these goals.

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Planning & Scheduling Software

Materials & Inventory Software

Benefits to your manufacturing

Large Project, Single Screen Simplicity

Our ERP software pulls all the work orders, sales orders, and purchase orders for your large manufacturing project into a single screen. This single screen simplicity gives you the strategic advantage of seeing actual costs vs estimates in real time - a must for today’s manufacturer.

Maximum Flexibility

Our ERP software provides you the flexibility to set your own work breakdown structure (WBS) per project giving you unlimited ways on how your costs can be analyzed. This feature, along with drill-down capabilities, provides great flexibility to the user in getting the information they need to do their job.

Customizable Reporting

Create customized reporting options for complex projects defining costs from high-level summary to detailed, in-depth costs pertaining to outlined parameters. Our software allows you to easily group work orders to create customized reports to analyze costs through cut-off dates.

Why Global Shop Solutions

  • Family-owned and operated
  • Easy to use
  • 24-hour support from our headquarters in The Woodlands, Texas
  • Highest implementation success rate in the field
  • No third-party resellers or VARs
  • Software updates are always free
  • Serving the industry since 1976
  • Strong past, stable future
  • Events covering 220+ calendar days
  • View project status and completion percentage
  • Cost drill down
  • View projects by work order number or WBS
  • Revenue recognition based on a ratio of actual costs versos estimated costs
  • Control costs from start to finish
  • Check points; capture profitability on a project across dates
  • Budget comparison and estimated at completion (EAC) calculations

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