Are You Invested in Manufacturing Companies?

Are You Invested in Manufacturing Companies? Make your investment more valuable.

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You make an investment and you want it to matter. You know business, you know opportunity, you know return, and with accurate data about all of your manufacturing investments at your fingertips in real time, you can start knowing.

With our ERP software you will know everything happening in your business in real-time, from any device, from quote to cash and everything in between. Stop guessing, start knowing, and make even better decisions about your investments.

How Global Shop Solutions Can Help You

More successful manufacturers than anyone else.

We have been helping companies simplify their manufacturing™ since 1976. We are nearly 300 employees focused on one ERP product for one industry – discrete manufacturing. We support customers in over 25 countries and over 20 industries and know what it takes to go from good to great in manufacturing.

Key Performance Indicators measure where you beat, meet, and miss expectations in real time.

Integrated Key Performance Indicators take your manufacturing data and compare it against target goals, historical data, and industry benchmarks. Analyze company strengths and weaknesses down to employees, shifts, work centers, vendors and more.

Breakdown manufacturing costs by individual components with precision.

If you know your costs you can maximize your profits. The only way to keep manufacturing costs down is to pinpoint exactly which costs are higher than they should be. Global Shop Solutions ERP allows you to measure Freight, Labor, Overhead, Outside Services, Other Services, and Material as individual costing components.

Our Company

Globally headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas we have nearly 300 employees in 7 global offices serving customers in over 25 countries and 20 industries. Everything we do is direct – design, development, sales, service, implementation, and consulting. We are family owned and operated and will never sell our business.


ERP Software

Our ERP software is a fully integrated package of 30+ modules taking you from quote to cash and everything in between including shop management, planning & scheduling, inventory, CRM, quality, accounting, shop floor data collection, and more.


Proven Implementation Success

We position our new customers for success and it all starts with a successful implementation. Your implementation is assigned a project manager to ensure project success and is supported with experienced consultants dedicated to manufacturing, financial, and technical domains. Each consultant works directly for Global Shop Solutions and typically has 10 year experience in manufacturing with many of them joining our company from existing customers.


Unrivaled Customer Success

Nothing tells the Global Shop Solutions story better than the success of our customers, some of which have been relying on our software for more than 40 years. With 150+ publicly available case studies of successful customers you will find a manufacturer that is just like you and read about how we helped them simplify their manufacturing and go from good to great.


ERP Software That Simplifies Your Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is complex. The successful completion of every order relies on accurate information and detailed scheduling of material, processing and man hours. Global Shop Solutions ERP software helps keep all these components in budget and on time.

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