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I Can’t Control My Labor Costs.

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When you can’t control labor costs, your business is constantly swimming upstream against the current. This results in cash flow problems, a cost structure that puts you at a competitive disadvantage, and an unhealthy bottom line. Global Shop Solutions ERP helps you downsize excessive labor costs by maximizing shop floor efficiency and productivity.

What You Look Like Now

Unacceptably high labor costs manifest themselves in many different ways. You may recognize the following:

  • Direct labor time is recorded and tracked by hand, on paper
  • Indirect labor costs are vaguely defined and too high
  • Daily balancing is a slow, inefficient process

What You Look Like Now

  • Machinists waste time hunting down routers, drawings, bill of materials (BOMs), etc.
  • Lack of reliable data makes it hard to hold operators accountable for their time
  • Overtime costs are killing us
  • Time spent finding the right tool for a job drives up labor costs

What You Look Like Now

  • Rework labor costs are too high due to incorrect routers, BOMs and work orders
  • Machinists stand around because they don’t know what to work on next
  • We lose jobs due to high labor costs

If resolving these ongoing problems remains beyond your reach, it’s time to upgrade your production management system to Global Shop Solutions ERP software.

Where You Will Be with Our ERP Software

When operators electronically log on and off jobs and job sequences – without leaving their work stations – collecting time and attendance becomes fast, efficient and accurate.

  • Track direct labor down to the minute for jobs and job sequences
  • Reduce indirect costs by holding operators accountable for their time
  • Daily balancing can be performed in minutes


Where You Will Be with Our ERP Software

  • Electronically send correct routers, BOMs and work orders to the shop floor
  • Track the number of hours in each job in real time
  • Machinists always know what to be working on now and next
  • Minimize overtime by reducing rework, overdue jobs and waiting for parts


Where You Will Be with Our ERP Software

  • Cut admin overhead costs by simplifying and automating back-office processes
  • Reduce setup times through better planning and scheduling
  • Lower your overall cost structure to win more business

Work fast, efficiently and for less with Global Shop Solutions.

What You Need to Get There

Turn labor costs from a logistical nightmare into a competitive advantage by mastering these Global Shop Solutions software programs:

You’re Not Alone

All manufacturers struggle to control labor costs. Read how three of our customers outperform the competition in this critical area.

Pazmac Enterprises Ltd.

A full-service CNC Machining Company Serving a Variety of Industries

  • “We’ve sped up our cost accounting/cost reduction process and reduced our direct labor costs.”
  • “If we were to still do costing the old way, it would force us to have more people in payroll and in accounting. Instead, though volume has gone up, we haven’t increased our labor costs.”
  • “We’ve doubled our revenue since we’ve gotten Global Shop Solutions, but have only added two office staff to the operation, and that’s the biggest statistic of all for us.”
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Leiden Company

Manufactures custom wood interior fixtures for the retail and hospitality industry

  • “Building work orders based on the routers allows us to track jobs as they move through the shop floor. This includes capturing accurate labor time at every step of the production process.”
  • “Using Global Shop Solutions’ 'exploded BOMs' feature, we can create BOMs containing more than 4,000 different parts in a matter of minutes.”
  • “We get a lot of repeat products from different customers. Not having to build a new BOM for every job saves time and speeds up the order entry process.”
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Sjogren Industries, Inc.

Designs and manufactures wire tooling products

  • “Workers now clock in and out of jobs using the GUI (graphical user interface) stations on the shop floor. The system automatically tracks and assigns their time to the right job or job sequence.”
  • “The Global Shop Solutions costing system does exactly what it’s supposed to do, which is capture all labor costs in real time.”
  • “As soon as a job is finished we know exactly how many hours went into it and how much it cost. At the end of every month we can generate accurate financials within two hours of the final shipment.”
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