How true is the following statement? (Select the best answer.)

Our ERP software system provides real-time data while jobs are in progress.
We know exactly what we have in inventory, where it is, and how much it costs.
We know our true costs, margins and profitability as soon as a job is complete.
Operators know what to be working on and what is coming up next without asking management.
We automatically flow our operations data into a financial statement for timely, accurate financials.
We make efficient use of our operators and our machines.
When we take a job, we know we can make the due date rather than just hoping.
When we insert "hot" jobs into the schedule, we can immediately see how it will impact other jobs in progress.
Our average on-time delivery rate is 95% or higher.
The right parts arrive at the right jobs at the right time.
We know our true cost of quality with each job.
Our ERP's quality system lets us identify, track and correct quality problems at each workcenter or labor sequence of a job.
Our ERP's quality system can receive incoming parts directly to inspection before going to inventory.
Our ERP's quality system has full cause and corrective, RMA and NCMR capabilities.
Our ERP's quality system makes it easy to organize, store and produce the documentation required for our ISO and other certifications.
At any time, from any device, and in real time, we can see how many jobs are currently open, to whom, and how long they have been open.
We can easily identify which products, product lines and customers are money makers and which are money losers.
We effectively identify and track new sales opportunities.
Our reputation for delivering on time helps us win new business.
We have time to focus on new business because our shop floor runs smoothly and efficiently.
We know our precise costs of the six basic costing elements for every job: freight, labor, overhead, outside services, other costs and materials.
We can accurately track costs by step, sequence, operator, workcenter and other criteria of our choosing.
We know our true costs as soon as a job is shipped.
Knowing our job costs enables us to estimate and quote faster and more accurately.
Knowing our costs allows us to offer price considerations without hurting margins.
Jobs are delayed and shipped late because we don't have the parts on hand when we need them.
We have trouble accurately determining our true inventory costs.
To locate a part or material, we have to physically hunt for it in the stock room.
We pay too much in expedited shipping costs in order to get parts or materials we need to complete jobs on time.
Our BOMs contain errors due to manual data entry.
We accurately track direct and indirect labor time/cost for every job sequence and every job.
Our machinists always know what they should be working on and which jobs are coming up next.
Knowing our true capacity enables us to reduce overtime by utilizing our workcenters and personnel more efficiently.
The ability to import data directly from our CAD/CAM program to our ERP system dramatically reduces the time required to build our BOMs.
Our sales/customer service reps can instantly access everything they need to know about a customer, job or part.
Our ERP system has all the core features and functionalities we need to manage our manufacturing business.
Our ERP system offers easy customization without changing the underlying code or structure.
Our ERP vendor continually improves the product by upgrading current features and adding new ones.
Our ERP system is backed by 24/7 live technical support based in the U.S., not overseas.
Our ERP vendor has had the same ownership for 40+ years; we get one integrated system rather than multiple products cobbled together.