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History Global Shop Solutions

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Igniting Manufacturing Success for Four Decades

Founded on Manufacturing Experience and Family Values

In 1976, Dick Alexander launched Global Shop Solutions as an ERP solution for manufacturers in the oil industry. Since then, the next generation of Alexanders has taken leadership of the firm, expanding services to cover over 20 manufacturing industries and opening offices in seven different countries. Today, Global Shop Solutions is led by Dick’s son, Dusty Alexander, who adds his own manufacturing background to the leadership of Global Shop Solutions. With comprehensive training solutions and a commitment to exceptional service, Global Shop Solutions has become one of the most trusted ERP software companies for the manufacturing industry.

A History of Pioneering and Success

Explore The History of Global Shop Solutions

1976 Company founded by Dick Alexander
1976 Started with shop floor and inventory solution to oil manufacturers in Texas and Louisiana
1983 Signed deal to provide software to Honeywell suppliers
1983 Expanded into multiple industries (aerospace, defense, etc.) throughout the entire U.S. market
1994 Released real-time shop floor data collection
1998 International expansion in Latin America
1999 Built company headquarters in The Woodlands, TX
2001 Released Business Intelligence Module
2001 Erica Klein, daughter of Dick Alexander, named Chief Software Designer
2002 International expansion in Canada
2002 Released Quality Module
2004 Released Advanced Planning & Scheduling Module, new Windows system with GUI interface and new user experience
2005 Opened up market to ETO customers with Project Management Module
2005 Now have customers in many states in America
2005 Dusty Alexander named President & CEO
2006 International expansion into China
2006 Released Mobile & Paperless Facility Modules
2006 Won award for Texas Family Business of the Year from Baylor University
2008 Released Global Application Builder (GAB) software development kit
2009 Released new user experience
2010 Revenue doubled since 2006
2010 Continued expansion in Asia-Pacific
2010 Built second building on campus headquarters to support R&D growth and investment
2012 Opened Monterrey, Mexico office
2013 Won award for Texas Family Business of The Year from Baylor University
2013 Nearly 1,000 free apps in app store for customers. Opened store to third-party-developers to support customer and market needs
2014 Released industries 1st interactive and native ERP training tool - Process Document & Training
2014 Revenue doubled since 2010
2014 Opened Sydney, Australia office
2014 Released new user experience and main menu
2016 Released Mobile CRM
2016 Opened United Kingdom office
2017 Released single-screen Dashboards for Manufacturers
2018 Built third building on campus headquarters with new Customer Training Center
2019 Launched Continuous Improvement Program for existing customers
2020 Released Learning Management System