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The Global Shop Solutions ERP User Conferences focus on three main principles to help you see your manufacturing clearly.

Be Educated on What You Own

The experience is 100% focused on the products, processes, and techniques that generate the most impact and are used by our most successful customers. The classes will teach you what products to use, how to use them, why to use them, and include specific examples and stories from other customers.

*Each day offers 4 different classes with most taught twice so you can experience everything.

Be Connected and Entertained

An important part of growth and education is learning from others. The user conference includes built-in networking to learn from other customers and our employees that work for you each and every day. You might just find YOUR next customer. Laugh, smile and be entertained while you learn what others are doing, how they are doing it, and why they are doing it.

*Lunch & snacks provided daily. Dinner and entertainment provided Day 1 & Day 2.

Be a Visionary

Each attendee will leave with a personalized plan to move their manufacturing from good to great. The personalized plan is created from one-on-one sessions with Global Shop Solutions manufacturing, technical, financial, and consulting experts as well as the executive team.

*Leave with a detailed plan and investment required to take your manufacturing from good to great.

How Does it Work?

  • Register by selecting the button next to the date you'd like to attend below. Note, payment of $1,500 fee is required at time of registration.
  • Watch your email to select your sessions.
  • Attend the conference and go from good to great.

Available Classes

Class Name
Class Description

Advanced Planning & Scheduling: Prerequisites

Learn the necessary steps to begin using APS effectively.

Advanced APS

Learn the strategies behind APS to become an advanced user.

Beginner and Intermediate GAB Functions

Bridge the GAB. Learn the functions that will help you customize your ERP software.

Integrating with Global Shop Solutions ERP Software

Witness the power of integrating other software programs with your ERP.

Explore the Multi-Company Vs. Multi-Location Environment

Explore different options for simplifying processes while reducing overhead costs.

Improve Process Flow with Automation In Global Shop Solutions

Learn about tools to create new work orders, POs, issue material and WIP to FG.

See Your Processes Clearly

Learn a quick and effective method for reviewing internal processes.

Using Visual Systems to Manage Processes

Learn the fundamentals of Kanban as well as e-Kanban systems in Global Shop Solutions.

Navigating Quote to Cash with Dashboards

Navigate from quote to cash using dashboards, taking detours to explore historical and operational analytics dashboards.

To Key Or Not to Key – Shakespeare’s Answer to Data Entry

Learn best practices in this interactive demonstration of GS Mobile, barcoding, and RFID in a paperless environment.

Got Data. Now What?

Explore tools that can assist with gathering, reporting and analyzing data.

Improving Customer Service with ERP

Learn to improve communication and customer service by maximizing the use of the CRM as well as alternative order entry methods.

Analyzing Your Manufacturing Costs

Learn ways to analyze overhead absorption rates, calculate manufacturing costs per units and analyze your estimates vs. actual results.

Focus on Financials

Strengthen the accuracy of month-end financials and be confident that you are publishing accurate financial statements.

Inventory Accounting: Setup and Process Review

Learn what inventory accounting is, why it’s important, the main material transaction codes, the process for reconciling inventory and how to handle an imbalance.

Inventory: Everyone Has It, But Does Anybody Understand It?

Control your inventory and learn what to do when mistakes happen.

Managing the Shop Floor

Provide clear vision to your shop floor through various tools and dashboards in your ERP.

System Maintenance

Learn best practices for maintaining your system and improving performance.

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