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No one knows your business better than you do and no one knows our software better than we do. A guided implementation and launch of your Global Shop Solutions ERP software for manufacturers is critical to achieving the best ROI from your software. Global Shop Solutions ERP software Consultants are there to offer expert guidance in the implementation, launch and continued refinement of your manufacturing ERP software operations all the way from the initial planning stages on into the years ahead.

Our ERP Consultants live by one motto - anytime, anywhere and whatever it takes to make our customers successful. If this means showing up on Saturday - done. If this means working 16-hour days - done. Anytime, anywhere and whatever it takes.

ERP Consulting Testimonial

GereMarie Corporation

The Winning Combination

The right people, the right process and the best software – each plays its part.


Our Consultants, who typically have a minimum of 10 years of experience and are ERP software experts, work directly with your implementation team, who should be experts in their processes.


Our GLOBAL implementation process helps you set clear goals and objectives, identify key players for your implementation, and establish best practices tailored to your company.


With a flexible, integrated ERP software, designed specifically for manufacturers, you can use and trust one system. The software helps you define key metrics to help grow your business.

Over 45 years of Experience Working with Manufacturers

Personal experience in manufacturing has been a core component in this family-owned business since the beginning. Virtually all of our Consultants have worked in manufacturing and know manufacturing. Each has a passion for helping manufacturers simplify their operations and improve profitability.


A Success Rate That Cannot Be Beat

Our experience has shown that taking the time to plan out and properly execute every stage of your software implementation, from initial planning to data migration to the go live date, is critical in achieving the highest return on your investment. We are proud to have one of the highest implementation success rates in the industry.


Long-Term Partners in Success

ERP software isn’t a “set it and forget it” system. After implementation, we partner with you for the long-term to improve, refine and simplify your manufacturing. When you’re ready to further increase your efficiency and improve your ROI, contact our Continuous Improvement team to complete a FastCHECK ROI.


Successful Implementation with GLOBAL Methodology

We use a combination of waterfall and agile project management methodologies to successfully implement your ERP software.


Work together to gather the information needed, identify key team members and plan the kickoff.


Define requirements, identify current processes, and gain understanding of your ERP system.


Build out concise steps and future-state processes based on your requirements.


Configure the system, load the data and build out any integrations in your ERP software.


Test the system, make sure users are trained, and prepare for go live.


Deploy your ERP software and turn off any legacy systems and processes.

Optimize & Support

Identify any additional improvements and transition to ongoing support.

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