Dashboards For Manufacturers

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Get More Done in Less Time with Interactive Dashboards

Whether you schedule jobs, handle AR and AP, or ship the finished product out the door, we have a Dashboard to help you work faster and more accurately.

Our Dashboards for Manufacturers put data and functionality in one screen, so you can perform nearly all of your job functions without changing screens. Receive incoming purchase order materials. Print work orders and release them to the floor. Ship orders or put them on hold. Do it all without having to exit the Dashboard and click over to another screen.

With Global Shop Solutions Dashboards, you can:

Save Money

  • Reduce paper reports by organizing all the information you want on one screen.
  • Download each Dashboard for free from the ARC store.
  • Plug and play with most Dashboards, since they require little or no training to use.

Manipulate Data

  • Filter the data to access only the records that need your attention.
  • Seamlessly export data to Excel to simplify your workflow.

Simplify Business

  • Customize each Dashboard to format the data the way you want to see it.
  • Set different security levels to permit or restrict access.

Find the Data You Need Faster

View some of our most popular Dashboards

Quote Dashboard

Provides the information and analysis to turn more quotes into sales orders.

  • Displays all open quotes for timely follow-up
  • Compares customer quotes with amount of work you have received from them
  • Tracks won/loss ratios by customer, product and part

Big Win: Gets rid of paper quotes completely to easily filter, group and analyze data so you can win more quotes.

Purchasing Dashboard

Helps your purchasing department run like a well-oiled machine.

  • Displays all open POs
  • Includes separate tabs for POs due today and those that are late
  • Identifies requisitions and parts ready to go for outside processing
  • Receiving personnel know what shipments to expect every day

Big Win: Purchasing can receive incoming materials without having to leave the Dashboard.

Sales History Dashboard

Make better decisions by having all your sales analysis reports on one screen.

  • Search by part, customer or product line
  • Analyze profit margins by product line, customer and part
  • Know your cost elements compared to revenue
  • Access complete sales history of every customer

Big Win: See “at a glance” totals for quantity shipped, cost, sales dollars, profit dollars and billing progress.

Shipping Dashboard

Keep shipping organized and on time from one easy-to-use screen.

  • Displays all open, past due and due today sales orders
  • Color-coded part availability
  • View staging data and orders that have been shipped
  • Easily sort orders being shipped by freight company
  • Refreshes the data within minutes

Big Win: Ship from within this Dashboard and put orders on hold by selecting the sales order number.

Master Schedule\Work Order Dashboard

Keep jobs on schedule with complete visibility of all open work orders.

  • View all open jobs and estimated time to completion
  • Keep track of amount of time in each job and where it is in the process
  • Edit work orders of jobs in progress

Big Win: Print work orders, release them to the floor, put them on hold, issue material, and close jobs from this Dashboard.

Labor Performance Dashboard

Manage labor costs more effectively by combining labor measurement and workforce performance data into one screen.

  • Sort by employee, workcenter, shift or department
  • Analyze shifts, employees, departments or workcenters with a few clicks
  • Display total estimated hours, total hours worked and total performance
  • View direct and indirect data

Big Win: This Dashboard automatically groups multiple entries for a work order when employees run multiple machines and change jobs throughout the day.

Accounts Receivable Aging Dashboard

Keeping track of overdue receivables has never been so easy.

  • Overdue invoice tab for customer collections
  • Age Invoices by Invoice date or due date
  • Quick and easy analysis on who owes money

Big Win: Print invoices and statements from this Dashboard (e-invoicing must be enabled).

Accounts Payable Dashboard

The interactive Dashboard your accounting staff always wished they had.

  • Color coded data: invoices (red), accruals (blue)
  • View totals based on different time frames
  • Double-click on invoice number for details
  • Analysis tab graphs display dollar totals and top vendors

Big Win: Hide accruals and show zero balances.

CRM/Sales History/Quotes/Opportunity

Sales reps save time and work faster by seeing only their information.

  • Searchable by customer, salesperson, contact and part
  • View sales totals and quantity per year
  • Separate tabs for sales orders, sales history, quotes, opportunities, events and notes

Big Win: This Dashboard will easily show you which customers are tied to which sales rep.

Inventory Dashboard

Inventory and accounting personnel love this one!

  • Shows inventory dollars and all inventory parts
  • Search by cutoff date to easily consolidate data
  • Shows grand totals of quantity on hand, on order, required for the part, and extended price and cost

Big Win: Ability to look up specific inventory parts can be used in all Dashboards.

Quality History Dashboard

Get a complete quality history from one screen.

  • Search by product/product line or part number/specific part
  • Display cost and quantity by month
  • Easily track month-to-month changes
  • Adjustable time frames let you track specific time periods

Big Win: Combines summary bar graphs with detailed information in one view.

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