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This team works only with our current customers using a proven methodology to tackle consulting, projects and custom development needs. With these experts, you can implement new business units; use project management services to help you get things done; customize and execute additional Global Shop Solutions modules, integrations, Dashboards and features; eliminate paper on your shop floor and so much more.

Read more below about the vast array of services our Continuous Improvement Team provides and then fill out the form above to contact us to continually improve your manufacturing business.

Consulting Services Provided

Process Analysis

Simplify current operations with a thorough manufacturing process analysis.

Consulting Services Provided


Our experts identify problems and provide a plan for improvement.

Consulting Services Provided

Add New Facilities & Company Codes

We assist with company growth plans by adding new facilities and company codes to your Global Shop Solutions ERP software.

Consulting Services Provided

Implement What You Own

We implement modules and functions like Paperless software, Advanced Planning & Scheduling, Preventative Maintenance, Dashboards and more.

Consulting Services Provided

Project Management Services

Our team of experts tackle specific processes or project initiatives and get them across the finish line.

Consulting Services Provided

Add Integrations To Your ERP

Our experts can help you add integrations from your existing third-party-software and applications like CAD, Nesting, HR and more.

Professional Services Provided


Project Management

Dashboards & TrueViews

Financial Health Check

Virtual Training

ERP Module Customization

Operations Health Check

Global Shop Solutions Integrates With Many Commonly-Used Manufacturing Software & Applications

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Continuous Improvement Methodology

Agile method makes the Continuous Improvement process simple and successful built on 4 principles.

Individuals & Interactions

Improved visibility and communication with our customers so they know where they can get better.


Create clear and efficient scopes of work, timelines, and expected benefits to their business.

to Change

Understanding that business is fluid and remaining adaptable so customers get the product and benefits they want.


Build it once and build it right so the customer can rest easy with confidence and is satisfied with the finished product.

Continuous Improvement Testimonials

“I told the folks at Global Shop Solutions what it was supposed to be doing for me and they created new screens that do exactly what we need the system to do.”

Ann Suplee

House of Doolittle

“Whether you do OEM serial production parts or project-based parts; whether you’re trying to integrate finance and manufacturing; or whether you need to add in a powerful scheduling functionality, Global Shop Solutions addresses every business need you could have.”

Alain Therialt

Bristol Machine Company

“The time savings on the inventory information script they created for us are phenomenal. All we have to do is enter the range we’re looking for and Global Shop Solutions summarizes the data and prints the report. What used to take months can now be accomplished in minutes!”

Andy Mayfield

Loadmaster Industries

“I asked Global Shop Solutions if they could use GAB to replicate our unwieldy process. They quoted me a price and gave me a time estimate, and I said, ‘go for it!’ We now have separate valve roster programs for control valves and safety valves, and they’ve turned out to be a huge time-saver and a great investment!”

Michael Kouloumoundras

Great Western Valve, Inc.

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This team is dedicated solely to continuously improving our software for your process and needs.

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