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Zoom Into Your Inventory Costs With FLOOOM!

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What if you could easily see every component of what it costs to manufacture every product you make? Now you can, with our revolutionary application, FLOOOM. Our customers have been asking for a way to breakdown individual costs on each and every product they make, so we have created the ultimate solution. Zoom in on how to save on production and inventory costs with FLOOOM.

Delivering Inventory Cost Details at a Glance
Cutting down on inventory and production costs involves many different factors, from material and labor, to overhead and freight costs. Unfortunately, these individual factors are often lumped into one sum, your cost of goods sold (CGS). Finding ways to trim excess and increase profits can be unclear without knowing exactly what areas are costing you the most for each product line. This is where FLOOOM shines.

FLOOOM stands for:

Freight – Labor – Overhead – Outside – Other – Material

We have taken the guess work out of your inventory and manufacturing costs and made them easy to access at a glance. Here are some of the questions you can answer with the use of the FLOOOM application:

  • What is the freight cost on each product?
  • What percentage of the total cost is attributed to labor?
  • What portion of the cost of each product line covers overhead?
  • How will a change in material costs affect profitability?

By having easy access to these numbers, you are prepared to make the changes necessary to trim the fat in the exact areas that are affecting your profits. FLOOOM gives you the details that will help you surpass your competitors and gain ground in your industry.

Exceptional Reporting Options
If you need to justify a change in operations, you need the data to back up your proposal. FLOOOM reporting gives you the data you need at a glance to analyze the cost breakdown on a product line. Your sales and financial reports will give you freight, labor, overhead, outside, other and material cost data that you need to make informed decisions on affecting CGS.

In addition to current cost analysis, FLOOOM also gives you historical reporting that allows you to compare old cost data with current numbers. In one glance, you can compare past, present and new cost data, showing you exactly how changes to any area in production has affected your inventory costs. Having instant access to this data gives you the tools you need to correct problems quickly and maximize your profits in the future.

The best way to really see what FLOOOM can do for your business is to see it in action. Schedule your demo today to find out how FLOOOM can help your company zoom in on inventory costs and push profits to new levels.

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