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Your Office: Powered By Manufacturing

Take a look around your office space. There are many manufactured products that help you get through your workday. Important industries such as the electronics, plastics, soft materials and fixtures are responsible for manufacturing things like your computer, binders and notebooks, lights, pens, keyboards, water bottles, rubber bands, clipboards, desks, chairs, conference room tables and more.

Your office is powered by men and women in the manufacturing industry who create quality product they are proud to make for you. Without this vital industry, our offices would be much more complicated and difficult places.

But who powers the best manufacturers? The strongest and smartest turn to Global Shop Solutions ERP software to power their manufacturing and simplify their shop floors. See how in this video:

Manufacturing: Powered by ERP Software

Our ERP software offers all of the applications you need to run a leaner and more efficient manufacturing business. From Advanced Planning & Scheduling software to Quality Control and everything in between, you’ll find all the tools you need to get the job done on time every time.

“Before Global Shop Solutions, I would estimate production costs based on the information I had in my head and come up with a price for the customer. Now when I prepare an estimate, I go into the system, look at the materials required and compare that to the quantity remaining to quote the job. Global Shop Solutions sends that information to the shop floor and it takes out all the guesswork.”

Ramon Fabrega, Owner of Cartoplastic, soft material manufacturing company

“Information in Global Shop Solutions flows electronically from one department to the next. It clearly illustrates how no part of the business works in a vacuum. And when people see how we all depend on each other for accurate information, it creates an awareness of how one person’s job affects everyone else.”

Jamie Brezinski, Director of IT of Midland Metal Products, metal fabricator and fixture manufacturing company

“Going from batch processing to collecting real-time data made all the difference. We can see what is happening anywhere on the shop floor at any time. We do a much better job of balancing raw material demand to our shop floor processing so we can get jobs out the door on-time every time.”

Stephen Avondolio, Technical Sales Engineer of Hoyt Corporation, electronics manufacturing company

Our world is powered by manufacturing and manufacturing is powered by Global Shop Solutions. Schedule your ERP demo today and find out exactly how ERP can work for you.

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