Your home is an amazing space. You’ve made it uniquely ‘you’ with so many manufactured products that make your home functional and beautiful. But did you ever look around and think – who actually makes all this stuff?

Important industries such as furniture, electronics, concrete casting, plastics, packaging and more manufacture home products like your kitchen table, appliances, television, living room couch and chairs, office desk, desk chairs, and even the materials that were used to build your home like the concrete foundation and wooden support beams.

Everything in your home is powered by men and women in the manufacturing industry who are dedicated to making a quality product for you. Without this vital industry, our homes might not be as functional or beautiful.

The best manufacturers need to be fueled too. So who powers the best manufacturers? Global Shop Solutions ERP software powers their manufacturing and simplifies their shop floors. See just a few examples of the best home products powered by manufacturers:

Manufacturing: Powered By ERP Software

ERP software offers all of the applications you need to run a leaner and more efficient manufacturing business. From Shop Management to Planning & Scheduling modules and everything in between, we have all the tools you need to get the job done on time every time.

“We use Global Shop Solutions all around the shop for both accounting and manufacturing. Global Shop Solutions is a complete package where accounting and manufacturing are all tied together in real-time and in one single and easy to use database.”

James Martin, General Manager of Wyrmwood, Inc., furniture manufacturing company

“With ERP, you’re not just buying software; you’re buying a relationship. And we believe we got the right partner with Global Shop Solutions. They provide excellent service and support, and we feel like we matter to them as a customer.”

David Sosnow, President of Becker Electronics, electronic manufacturing company

“The software enables us to do so many things we couldn’t do before. I can’t count the number of processes that used to take multiple steps but now can be performed with one click of a button.”

Eric Edginton, Vice President of Auger Fabrication, packaging manufacturing company

Our homes are powered by manufacturing and manufacturing is powered by Global Shop Solutions. Schedule your ERP demo today and find out exactly how ERP can work for you.