Have you recently taken the time to look at the surroundings on your commute to and from work? Up and down every street are manufactured products from industries such as metal fabrication, fixtures, concrete casting, automotive and more. These important industries are responsible for manufacturing things like the vehicles you see, street signs, signs on buildings, traffic lights, and more.

Everything you see on your commute is powered by men and women in the manufacturing industry who create a quality product that help you commute from point A to point B safely. Without manufacturing, our commutes would be much more hectic and less interesting.

The best manufacturers turn to Global Shop Solutions ERP software to power their manufacturing and simplify their shop floors. See how in this video:

Manufacturing: Powered by ERP Software

ERP software offers all of the applications you need to run a leaner and more efficient manufacturing business that can continue to provide necessary items for peoples’ commutes.

“The service and technical support from Global Shop Solutions are outstanding. They’re quick to respond when we run into a problem, and they’re constantly updating and improving the software. The system gives us a powerful tool for managing our resources more effectively and improving our ability to respond to changing customer demands.”

 Pat Meunier, IT Manager of Creed Monarch Inc., automotive manufacturing company

“Global Shop Solutions allows me to be so much more proactive because the data is up to the moment and it’s right there when I need it.”

 John Bollbach, Chief Financial Officer of Design Display Group, display fixture manufacturing company

“Global Shop Solutions gives you a complete business management tool. From estimating to shipping to service afterwards, it does a great job of covering all the main areas of a manufacturing business.”

Gary Bruff, Vice President of Manufacturing of Fullerton Tool Company, metal fabrication company

Everything in our day-to-day lives is powered by manufacturing and manufacturing is powered by Global Shop Solutions. Schedule your ERP demo today and find out exactly what ERP can do for you.