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You Deserve a Great Shop Floor – Get It With GUIs

What is a GUI?

Increasing productivity and improving your shop floor are goals for us all. One of the simple ways to do that are with accurate time and shop floor tracking. It can change the way you manufacture and manage your shop floor activities for good.

How do you get pinpoint accuracy and a great shop floor: by using Shop Floor Data Collection or what we refer to internally as a Global Shop Solutions GUI.

What is a Global Shop Solutions GUI?

GUI is short for graphical user interface and is pronounced “goo-e”. A GUI allows employees to clock in and out of jobs, machines and your facility all day every day. Shop floor managers can use the recorded data to manage productivity, accurately predict delivery rates, make more efficient purchasing decisions, and measure employee performance for scheduled employee reviews.

It is a unique tool used by both the teams actually working on the shop floor and the teams working in the front office.

Benefits of GUIs

Overall it will give you real-time labor data from either a simple barcode scanner or touchscreen. Further use of GUIs gives you:

  • Integrated data with other parts of your shop like HR & payroll, inventory, and document management
  • Peace of mind from validated, real-time data
  • A way to measure employee performance
  • A means to control labor costs through integrated reporting

To learn more about GUIs/Shop Floor Data Collection and how your business can benefit from all that it has to offer, download our product sheet.

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