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You Can’t Make Parts in the Dark

Global Shop Solutions has been helping small to medium-sized discrete manufacturers simplify their manufacturing™ for forty years. If you are creating a finished good from raw materials we can help your business grow and become more profitable. This isn’t marketing or advertising, it’s the truth. The fact is we have more customers willing to put their own credibility and reputations on the line for us publicly with a case study than any other ERP software in the market. We have 150+ of them and feature a new customer each and every week to our customer base through our weekly online training. What does this mean? This means we have the benefit of talking to many manufacturers when their business is not successful or not efficient or not optimal or not profitable or good, but not great. We take these nuggets and learn from them. One common theme we hear from potential customers is – you can’t make parts in the dark.

You can’t make parts in the dark? Of course not! If you can’t see what is happening or going on in your business then you can’t make the right decisions. It boils down to visibility. In real estate it is all about location, location, location. In manufacturing it is all about visibility, visibility, visibility. So where do manufacturers sit in the dark or lack visibility before becoming a customer of Global Shop Solutions? For the purpose of this blog we will focus on plastic manufacturers who typically lack visibility in 1) virgin and regrind materials 2) tools/molds used and their availability and 3) machine down time due to missing preventative maintenance schedules.

Global Shop Solutions ERP software enables manufacturers to gain the visibility they need to address the above issues with our Planning and Scheduling, Inventory Control, and Preventative Maintenance applications.  Using the inventory controls within the ERP software a manufacturer can easily keep track of regrind lot control, while tool requirement dates are visible within the scheduling application, and machines will never skip a beat again as preventative maintenance schedules are easy to create and blend into the regular production schedule in Global Shop Solutions ERP. Most manufacturers who are facing the above visibility issues typically see a decrease in cost of approximately 10% once fixed. That 10% in addition to all the other gains and benefits from Global Shop Solutions ERP software make seeing in the dark almost as easy as flipping on a switch. All you have to do is call or email us.

Bob Geiss is a senior consultant with Global Shop Solutions. He has implemented ERP software at hundreds of manufacturers throughout his career and is a recognized industry expert in scheduling. 

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