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Working With an Independent ERP Software Consultant

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The process of choosing an appropriate enterprise resource planning (ERP) software platform can be both time consuming and confusing. With so many platforms available on the market, it can be difficult for decision-makers to choose the best system to meet the needs of the organization.

Making the wrong choice can be costly. There are systems designed for companies of all sizes. If a small company implements a system designed to be used inside of a large organization, seeing an adequate return on investments may be difficult, if not impossible.

However, working with an independent ERP consultant can greatly mitigate any errors that can occur in the initial software selection process. These third-party experts are familiar with a wide range of vendors and the solutions they offer. According to IQMS, the importance of working with an ERP consultant is that this individual will likely be unbiased.

This means that there is no relationship with a software vendor to try and drive an organization toward one platform or another. There are a number of consultants who are either implementation or technology partners with an ERP provider and, therefore, have a vested interest in maintaining the business partnership.

However, truly independent ERP consulting firms aren’t interested in selling their clients on or pushing them toward the implementation of a specific platform. Instead, the sole purpose of these organizations is to evaluate the true needs of their clients’ business and selecting a software package that will be the best fit.

For decision-makers having difficulty in deciding which software vendor to work with and would consider hiring an ERP consultant to help make the process easier, here are a number of helpful suggestions:

  • Carefully vet each independent ERP consultant: To ensure that the organization doesn’t have a working relationship with a specific vendor, ask the ERP consulting firm for a list of companies that they have worked with before. This can be a helpful step in not only determining if they have a relationship with an ERP vendor but also uncover how thorough they are in ensuring that their clients select the platform that will be most beneficial for the business, IQMS suggested.
  • Make sure their knowledge of each system is up to date: It is not uncommon for ERP software companies to roll out frequent updates to their platforms. As such, consultants should be familiar with the most recent changes in software and be able to adequately explain any changes and how they will affect both system functionality and the way these adjustments will affect a company in general, ProcessPro wrote.
  • Discuss implementation methodologies: Each ERP consulting organization will have differing views on the most efficient and effective way that a software platform should be installed. CRM Search suggests that decision-makers should talk through their options with the consultants. Some will suggest an accelerated, or big bang approach. While others will suggest a more measured plan of action, such as an implementation that goes in multiple stages or one that leaves room for an organization to make adjustments to the system as needed.

Working with an independent ERP consultant can save organizational leaders a lot of stress associated with making sure the right software solution has been selected in accordance with company needs and desired outcomes. The ultimate goal of any ERP implementation is to become more efficient, improve customer satisfaction and of course, generate more bottom line revenue.

An investment into ensuring that the right platform is being installed by hiring an independent consultant is one that will be beneficial in both the short and long term.


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