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Why Use Enterprise Resource Planning?

The question “why use enterprise resource planning (ERP)?” comes up often. The number one reason manufacturers purchase and implement ERP software: return on investment. It more than pays for itself, and in many cases, the annual ROI is 400-500% of the purchase cost. These are real returns manufacturers see year after year.

ERP: More Profitable
The uniqueness found in an ERP system comes from all the components being built to work together, drawing from one database. This creates a smooth flow of information that is always in sync.

With ERP manufacturing software you get a management system that is designed to meet all your current and future needs connecting every aspect of your operation—from cash to quote. A fully integrated ERP system will even include CRM for customer service, payroll, and shipping integration for distribution.

It will get you to the tipping point of lean manufacturing and that paperless shop floor you’ve been aiming at. You’ll be rid of those ugly spreadsheets, duplicate entries and that nasty employee red time that only costs you money.

We can tell you 9 more reasons to use ERP software. Download our Why Use Enterprise Resource Planning? whitepaper for the full list as well as hear directly from our customers on the ROI they received from ERP software.

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