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Why Cloud ERP?

Global Shop Solutions Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP is creeping into more and more manufacturing conversations. The hottest topics in software and technology for manufacturers the last few years has been Key Performance Indicators, increasing efficiency by working from a single screen, increasing automation through customization, and cloud ERP. This begs the questions – why the cloud? There are several reasons.

First, our cloud customers get all the same ERP software features and functionality of on-premise solution including the ability to customize. Moving to cloud ERP provides you the same opportunity to deliver a quality part on-time, every time as the historically strong on-premise solution. With our cloud ERP product you have the opportunity to access:

Shop management software Project management software Paperless shop floor software
Planning & scheduling software Customizable ERP software Business intelligence software
CRM software Documentation & training software Version management software
Inventory software Label Printing software Document control software
Sales software eCommerce software Company messaging software
Accounting software Nesting Interface software Key Performance Indicators Software
Quality Control software Product Configurator software Shop Floor Data Display
Shop Floor Data Collection CAD Interface software EDI software
Preventative Maintenance software Mobile CRM software Websites for Manufacturers

Second, our cloud ERP solution has a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% that is financially backed. Our solution utilizes Amazon Web Services to ensure your environment is secure and always available. In the unlikely event of an outage, the platform’s functionality is quickly restored via our geographically diverse backup and restore architecture.

Maintenance of your ERP software is also included as part of your cloud service. We will perform up to 2 updates each year to ensure that your ERP system stays up to date with the latest features and enhancements. We will also carry out routine maintenance to your cloud system to make sure it is running at optimal speed and performance. This includes activities such as data optimization, normalization, and temporary file cleanup. This saves you valuable time and resources that would otherwise be dedicated to performing updates and maintenance. You will enjoy peace of mind knowing that a team of Global Shop Solutions experts are in charge and responsible for your ERP updates and maintenance.

We take security seriously. By utilizing modern layered security methods as well as adhering to the security principle of least privilege we ensure that your cloud ERP software is secure.

Access to the platform is enabled through the use of Microsoft RemoteApp technology which removes the need for a locally installed client on your desktop or mobile device. After logging into a web portal, users interact with published Global Shop Solutions ERP Applications quickly and easily. Application communication occurs through a single secure port (HTTPS / 443) opened within the cloud platform. This connection is always encrypted end-to-end with the latest TLS encryption technology. Remote access can be further restricted using IP whitelisting techniques. Lastly the platform is routinely scanned and monitored by some of the most advanced anti-malware technology currently available. This comprehensive and thoughtful approach to security ensures your ERP environment and data are safe and secure.

Even the most robust systems need to be backed up in order to be restored in the event of failure. Our cloud ERP environments are automatically backed up each night during a period of low system use. Additionally, a cross-region backup occurs every second nightly backup across multiple geographically diverse regions in the US for Disaster Recovery purposes. This ensures business continuity in the event of catastrophic disasters that effect a large region. The retention policy for environment backups are 30 days. Additionally, more granular ERP data snapshots are taken during the day to provide granular file recovery should a specific file need to be restored without restoring the entire environment.

And, if speed matters to you, the cloud is the right deployment option. Most Global Shop Solutions customers that have moved from our on-premise solution to the cloud solution have seen exponential gains in speed. This speed improvement is tied to how quickly programs pull up as well as how quickly your data can be accessed, sorted, navigated, and analyzed.

What about price? Price is based on how many users you require and our cloud ERP solution provides an opportunity for your business to budget to a single number. Moving your ERP needs to the cloud nearly eliminate those unknown costs that show up when a server or other piece of technology underperforms.

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