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Which ERP Software Should You Choose?

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When selecting an ERP software provider for your manufacturing business, you have to spend as much time looking beyond the software as you do at the software. You need to make sure the software system is built from the ground up and all modules are fully integrated. You need to make sure the system is robust enough to support your business growth into the future. You need to make sure the software system is customizable so the product simplifies your manufacturing™. Once you are sure the software system meets your current and future needs you need to do your due diligence on the company. Your investment in the product is in the company as much as it is in the software and you need to be just as sure the company is financially stable, makes investments in their product and people, and has a commitment to long-term viability instead of a near-term exit strategy to private equity, paying off debt, IPO, or building out products with your fees that you will never use.

Manufacturers from nearly 20 different industries and every mode of manufacturing use Global Shop Solutions as their ERP software. Most of them have remained passionate customers for several decades and have experienced growth and profitability that they can trace back to the efficiency gained from our software. In fact, we have more publicly available case studies and testimonials than any other ERP software provider in our market. Why did they choose Global Shop Solutions? Why do they stay committed to Global Shop Solutions?

Sometimes the best way to weigh your options and come to a decision is to list them out side-by-side. To help make that process easier, we challenge you to read through a list of 10 questions and see which ERP software makes more sense for your organization.

And, if you need more reasons, consider these numbers:

  • The annual ROI is 4 to 5 times the cost of the software. Not just the first year, but every year.
  • Most of our customers experience 98-100% on-time delivery after implementing our software.
  • Over 1,500 free applications and reports are available for download from our app store

Start reaping these benefits for your company. Schedule a software demonstration and learn how Global Shop Solutions can solidify your place in the marketplace.

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