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Which ERP Software is Best?

ERP software can deliver significant benefits for the manufacturing industry: lower setup costs, reduced cycle times, increased on-time delivery, improved productivity, better customer service, accurate inventory tracking and reduction in administrative overhead. As with any software, not all ERP solutions will perform equally on all levels. It is important to give careful consideration to both the makeup of the software itself and to the company who will partner with you in the implementation and ongoing support of such a major investment in the future of your business.

Make the Most of Your Investment
ERP software with a proven track record of innovation is essential. Look at a company’s history to see what to expect in the future.

We’ve identified seven different areas that should be given careful consideration by a company’s ERP task force when comparing ERP solutions for your manufacturing enterprise:

We deep dive into each area in our Which ERP Software is Best for Your Business? whitepaper. Download it today to hear what current customers say about ERP software and how Global Shop Solutions stands head and shoulders above the rest.

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