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When One Door Closes, PS DOORS Opens Another

Founded in 1974, our customer PS DOORS began as a full-service door distributor, repairing and supplying industrial doors. From there, they have expanded their product lines to include access solutions, safety access, and, the increasingly important, flood protection barriers. Headquartered in Grand Forks, North Dakota, the company serves a variety of industries ranging from mining, power generation and refineries to auto, military, food processing and more.

In order to manufacture the 23 different product lines that PS DOORS has to offer, it’s imperative they had the right ERP software.

40% Improvement in On-Time Delivery

PS DOORS’ business involves custom projects that require unique BOMs, drawings, routers, and work orders. Producing these from scratch takes time and organization. Prior to ERP software implementation, PS DOORS scheduled its projects on Excel spreadsheets, adding to the time and complexity required to schedule work through the shop floor.

With Global Shop Solutions’ Advanced Planning and Scheduling application, PS DOORS has become more efficient on the shop floor, enabling them to crush their previous on-time delivery records.

Workflow is much smoother and jobs get done when they’re supposed to. As a result, we don’t ship late anymore. Prior to Global Shop Solutions, we averaged 50 to 60 percent on-time delivery. Now we almost never dip below 100 percent.

-Joseph Hogberg, IT Manager, PS DOORS

Flexible Solutions with GAB

Hogberg also points to the Global Application Builder (GAB) as an important tool for simplifying processes. This highly flexible module enables users to easily modify the software to fit their unique operating environment without the time or expense of changing the underlying code. It has allowed PS DOORS to create the right applications for their business to eliminate paper, save time and improve efficiencies – applications like sending employees their paystub info via email that is password protected; prioritizing work orders for automatic scheduling; and creating a major database for training.

A Complete ERP System

Global Shop Solutions not only helps PS DOORS deliver on-time products, they also help simplify operations across the company. Hogberg says, “I love how the software lets us add our own programs to the main package to simplify processes. You just don’t find that level of flexibility in other ERP software. But what really sets Global Shop Solutions apart from other ERP systems is how they keep improving it all the time. The people at Global Shop Solutions actually listen to their customers and then build in new features and capabilities to address their needs.”

If you’d like to read the full case study, you can download it here.

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