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What are the Software Applications of ERP?

Afraid of buying software that you don’t need or won’t actually use? Because ERP software is made up of a selection of integrated but individual applications, this is not an issue. A company can select the combination of applications that they feel will meet the needs of their organization. Additional applications can be added in the future to further improve the efficiency of the organization.

Not all ERP software solutions will include the same options or reporting capabilities. Careful comparison between providers is essential. Review the list of common ERP software applications below and compare them to your current ERP software and your current business process.

Any Combination of Applications
Below is a list of most common applications in ERP software. You can find the full list here.

For a more in-depth look at these applications and to hear how our customers use these applications, download our What are the Software Applications of ERP? whitepaper.

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