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Visualize your Manufacturing Data to Make Better Decisions and Avoid Trouble

Global Shop Solutions is committed to our customers. We listen to them and look at the manufacturing industry to bring effective products to market when and in many cases, before they need them. One of these products is our Key Performance Indicators, which enables managers to manage proactively and eliminate management by fire. The release of Global Shop Solutions ERP version 2016.2 in the winter of 2016 will include native widgets for the following:

  • Average Gross Margin Percent
  • Average Sales Invoice Per Month
  • Customer Open Orders
  • Customer Sales
  • Customer Sales and Open Orders
  • Customer Sales History
  • Days Sales Outstanding an Total Cash Cycle
  • Rework % of Sales
  • Sales by Product Line
  • Sales by Salesperson
  • Sales Growth Percentage
  • Sales vs Budget
  • Total Sales by Industry Code

There are nearly 70 additional key performance indicator charts that will be converted to widgets in the subsequent ERP software releases. Learn more about our Key Performance Indicators by downloading our product sheet.

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