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Visibility of your Entire Manufacturing Business Sounds Nice Right?

Imagine if you could sit in a little chair high above your manufacturing facility and look down to see everything that is happening exactly when it is happening. Not only would that be cool, but it would help you run a better business right? Well, the good news is this isn’t a movie; this is Global Shop Solutions Project Dashboard. For manufacturers that run large, complex projects, part of the difficulty is cutting through the noise and identifying those critical points in time when the project can pivot from on time and profitable to falling behind and a money pit.

Our Project Dashboard allows a manufacturer to see all of their projects starting at the 30,000 foot (or whatever you feel is the highest point) and quickly drill down to the details. The Project Dashboard is good for any manufacturer that is asked to deliver a high-quality project, on-time every time with one to 20 phases or more and multiple bill of material (BOM) work orders. Multiple phases quickly add up to dozens and dozens of work orders per project, and the Global Shop Solutions Project Dashboard enables project managers and operation managers to now see all work orders for each project and phase at a glance. The Dashboard allows you to group, filter, or sort data making it usable across the entire organization by various manufacturing roles. Employees can use the work order operation “Sort Code” to enter original router hours, which don’t get updated as the work order evolves to help gauge if a project is going well, or if it needs attention.

Give your employees the tools they require to deliver a quality part on-time, every time.

  • Accounting and Inventory Management can keep on top of all the work orders and product lines to ensure everything is classified correctly.
  • Scheduling and Operations can quickly review what sequence projects are completed to, and which work orders have been released/printed.
  • Project Managers can ensure all their BOM work orders have the correct material, in the correct place allowing employees to catch any straggling work orders that need to be attached to existing BOM work orders.
  • Shop Floor Managers can quickly look at upcoming work orders, and ensure material is here, or on order.

Global Shop Solutions has been a trusted partner and advisor to manufacturers for over 40 years. The company has 300+ employees in 7 offices around the world dedicated to a single product line serving thousands of manufacturing facilities in over 25 countries. Contact us to schedule a demo and experience how we simplify your manufacturing™.

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