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Two Locations is Not too Big of a Problem for Bazz Houston

Bazz Houston, Global Shop Solutions Customer

Founded in 1961, Bazz Houston manufactures a wide variety of metal parts for industries ranging from auto and aerospace to defense, electronics, medical hardware, and telecommunication. Working out of two manufacturing plants in Garden Grove, California and Tijuana, Mexico, their custom products include springs, stampings, wire forms, and slide products.

Operating two plants in two different countries presents unique challenges for Bazz Houston, but Global Shop Solutions makes it easy to operate both from the same system. “By having the versatility of two companies in the system, our buyer can log in and create purchase orders for either company with just a few clicks of the mouse,” says Pete Madrid, Production Manager for Bazz Houston. “This greatly simplifies the process of tracking our purchases and making sure they get assigned to the right jobs in each plant.”

Madrid also points to the operational efficiencies generated by Global Shop Solutions, such as the Shop Floor Data Collection stations. Bazz Houston installed several Shop Floor Data Collection screens in their Tijuana plant. These allow workers to electronically log on and off jobs without having to write out time cards. They have also allowed the plant to migrate to a system where all routers and work orders are delivered electronically, which is a huge time saver on busy shop floors. To learn more about Bazz Houston, Download their case study or any of our other 150 case studies here.

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