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Traceability and Quality are the Backbones of Medical Manufacturing

You know what it is when you walk into it. The perfect floors, the bright white walls, not a spec of dust anywhere. People moving around methodically following processes and procedures, dotting every “I” and crossing every “T”. Machines perfectly tuned and maintained humming along in perfect harmony. It is easy to mistake this for a hospital, but it isn’t; it is your typical medical industry manufacturing facility which are stringently held to the same standards as the facilities their products end up in.

Medical manufacturers approach Global Shop Solutions with the following issues that we help to solve and simplify for them through our fully-integrated software system, specifically our inventory, materials, and advanced planning and scheduling applications.

  • Material lot traceability is a strict requirement, especially if a product has any failures in the field. Used to trace that material back to other products that were produced from the same lot, it allows the manufacturer to head off other part/product failures from occurring with other customers.
  • Finished goods lot traceability is a rigorous requirement of any medical manufacturing.
  • Warranty tracking can be seriously useful to manufacturers that sell a product that has a shelf life or is warranted for a limited period of time. This tool can help greatly when customers try to return product that has been on their shelf beyond the warranty period and they have used it or want to return it for credit. These products may no longer be useful in their current state.

One of the many benefits medical manufacturers receive from Global Shop Solutions is inventory with lot traceability at every level of the product from raw materials to finished product and the Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) module. APS provides a real time view of their production putting a visual plant/facility status in front of the production employees and allowing them to see resources loads in a simple color-coded format. They can manipulate the schedule and machine load right from these screens in APS. If used to its full potential, a typical manufacturer can expect a 100% ROI on their ERP software investment in a short period of time.

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