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Times Have Changed. So Has Manufacturing CRM.

Have you tried CRM software and found it too complex or seeming to require more time rather than saving you time? You are not alone. The need to deliver a better Customer Relations Management (CRM) option for our customers is what drove the Global Shop Solutions R&D department to create our CRM application for manufacturers. We worked hard to eliminate the issues that caused many CRM software packages to sit idle, not being used by the business which purchased it.

Real-time Data from a Single Point of Entry
Many manufacturers who have tried CRM software programs in the past purchased standalone CRM packages. Some had the capabilities of communicating with other software and sharing certain information, but at best it was limited in its capabilities. Some required detailed formatting changes to make the information compatible across platforms. All of this takes time and restricts the functionality of what should be a very useful, time-saving tool.

“Because our CRM is fully integrated with our ERP system, you can drill down to the customer’s detailed information, such as a work order, without ever leaving the initial screen,” explains Melinda Franzen, Programmer in our R&D department.

Person front of empty computer monitor, back viewYou not only have access to all the customer’s data – contacts, notes, quotes and sales orders – you can instantly access current work in progress, providing them with immediate answers to questions about their order. More efficient customer service is the biggest benefit of having a CRM software that is created by your ERP software manufacturer and designed to deliver the exact information you need, instantly.

“You can find out exactly where a part or order is at the moment,” Mike Melzer, Vice President of Operations offers. “If a part shipped 15 minutes ago, you will be able to see that information and relay it to the customer while they are still on the phone.”

Times Have Changed So Has CRM
There was a day when manufacturers thought a fax machine was a luxury they didn’t need and wouldn’t use. It wasn’t long before they couldn’t imagine living without the convenience. Now digital communication and immediate response has become the norm. It is that instant response time that Global Shop Solutions focused on when our team began developing a CRM application that would be fully integrated into our ERP software for manufacturers.

“Our customer feedback is the impetus to everything we do at Global Shop Solutions,” Melzer reminds us.

Current CRM users have asked for more speed, so making the CRM software even faster has been a primary focus in the last few months. That isn’t all that is in the works for the Global Shop Solutions CRM – our Mobile CRM now provides access on the go. It is completely FREE and customizable so that customers can use the program to access their order data themselves. Security is a top priority in any type of mobile access to data and has been addressed in a way which will provide ultimate confidence to users.

Added functionality is always welcome to any software. New improvements will continue to be released for CRM as they are developed. One of the newest ones on the horizon is the ability to integrate the Global Shop Solutions CRM with your Outlook program, making things even more seamless for Outlook users.

If you have not seen a demo of our CRM in action, perhaps it is time to take a look.

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