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Three Reasons You Need ERP Software If You Manufacture PCBs

You just received an order for 300 printed circuit boards (PCBs) that will be used to operate portable speakers that are needed in a week’s time. You stop and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I have the inventory and kits to make that many?
  2. Can I deliver the product on-time?
  3. What will this cost me?

If you’re unsure of the answers to those three questions, you’re not alone. We have the secret, and answer, to smart and quick manufacturing that’s needed to get the job done: ERP software. As one of the most powerful tools a manufacturer can have, ERP software provides endless ways to simplify your PCB manufacturing. Here are just three of the ways:

  1. Know What’s In Your Inventory 24/7
    If you manufacture PCBs, then you know the extensive checklist that is required to track each component. And nine times out of 10, kitting is usually in the mix. With the right ERP software, you will be able to accurately track all components needed to build each PCB in real-time. With Global Shop Solutions Inventory software, not only can you track your parts and kits, but you can manage your supply and demand, and automate your purchasing.
  2. Maintain a 98+% Just-In Time Delivery Rate
    Assembling hundreds of components is no easy task and it takes time. A lot of time. With Global Shop Solutions ERP software, you can estimate the time it will take to build and deliver your final product within one system. No more tracking down your employees to find out what parts are finished and how many your team members have left to assemble. The guesswork has been eliminated, and you are bound to improve and maintain at least a 98% just-in time delivery rate. Now that’s something your customers will praise you for.
  3. Accurate Costing for Every Job
    You have the inventory and the time. Now how much will it cost you to complete your jobs? With Global Shop Solutions Job Costing Accounting software, the guessing game ends and providing accurate costs for your jobs begins. By having the correct data in real-time, you’ll be able to identify the most cost-effective way to make each part by quantity, and in return, have the ability to make better decisions for each and every order that comes through your shop floor.

If you’re a PCB manufacturer and you’re ready to better manage your inventory, improve your delivery times, and know your true costs for every job all in real-time, then contact us today for a personalized demo of our system with one of our ERP experts.

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