With more than 3,000 successful implementations around the globe, we’re proud to launch a new Fast Track ERP Implementation to reduce the time it takes manufacturers to Go Live with our ERP software and achieve a quicker return on investment. Developed after analysis of why some companies lose momentum during implementation, the Fast Track ERP Implementation process provides a blueprint based on best practices for helping manufacturers stay on course and Go Live faster.

“The time it takes to Go Live with an ERP system can vary depending on the customer’s goals, time frame, available resources and other factors,” says Chris Pinaire, Director of Consulting & Implementation for Global Shop Solutions. “Our data shows implementations completed within three to four months generally produce the best results for customers that meet certain criteria.”

“We developed the Fast Track ERP Implementation process to help new customers roll out the implementation process, stay on track, and go live with Global Shop Solutions in 120 days or less.”

Chris Pinaire, Director of Contulting & Implementation for Global Shop Solutions

This simplified process focuses on the fundamentals every new ERP user needs to know to get started. No customization, no advanced functionality – just the basic, core processes that facilitate a smooth transition from the company’s previous business management system to Global Shop Solutions. New customers that don’t meet the requirements and prefer to launch their ERP system with more capabilities can opt for Global Shop Solutions’ standard implementation process. These implementations require more preparation and often include advanced functionality and customizations, which can take additional time and resources for a successful Go Live.

Fast Track ERP Implementation overcomes obstacles by focusing on the core functionality of the system and using a detailed training schedule to keep the implementation moving forward. Taking the manufacturer’s business requirements into account, the Global Shop Solutions implementation team strategically aligns the training schedule to coincide with specific goals and milestones that need to be met during implementation.

This approach offers several advantages. Achieving the interim goals and deadlines sustains focus while laying a solid foundation for using the software to full advantage. The implementation doesn’t drag on for months or even years. Manufacturers can go live with the software within a few months and see their return on investment shortly thereafter. “We understand that manufacturers still have to run a business while learning to use ERP,” says Pinaire. “Fast Track ERP Implementation customers will Go Live in 90 to 120 days, resulting in an implementation completed on time and on budget. From there, the customer can work with our continuous improvement team to build on their progress and achieve all they want to do with the software.”