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The Concrete Manufacturing Jungle Can Be Hard as Mixing Cement, Sand, and Gravel

Welcome to the jungle. It’s not fun and games. We can make anything you want…but we do it with concrete. More and more concrete manufacturers are looking at ERP software to help their business. Global Shop Solutions has been helping small- and medium-sized manufacturers across nearly 20 industries and every mode to simplify their manufacturing for nearly 40 years, and we have seen a dramatic increase in interest from those working with concrete over the last five years.

What these manufacturers make varies quite a bit but the single reason they all click the mouse or pick up the phone to call is unknown costs. Poor cash flow will cripple a business. Poor costing and poor scheduling drive high costs with expedited material costs to boot. This is an evil cycle that is easy to call into and difficult to get out of and can drive a company out of business or drive them to severe margin losses. How do you get out of this mess or protect yourself from sinking into it? The answer is accurate estimating.

Accurate estimating will allow for accurate costing and margin prior to the order coming in. Accurate costing will also drive accurate production and scheduling and purchasing requirements. In the end, these accuracies will drive lower costs, improve cash flow, and on time delivery.

For example, one of our concrete customers – Delaware Correctional Industries out of Dover, DE – selected Global Shop Solutions as their ERP software because their business was suffering from inventory issues. Prior to implementing our manufacturing software they estimated their inventory was approximately 50% accurate. Post implementation of Global Shop Solutions ERP software their inventory is 99% accurate driving better scheduling, cash flow, on time deliver, and customer satisfaction.

Don’t let unknown costs break you. Select an ERP system that can provide you accurate costing to keep your business strong.

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