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Texting: It’s Not Just for Millennials

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Do you ever find yourself searching for one specific email in your inbox? Do you only check your email on your computer and are often away from your desk? Here at Global Shop Solutions, we understand these struggles. They are often time-consuming problems, and we decided to find a new solution. What did we come up with? Text messaging!

No, we did not create text messaging, but thanks to Langley Melendres Senior Consultant and Mike Melzer VP of Operations & Service, we did create the ability to send text messages from Global Shop Solutions. The text message content is no different than an email, and this functionality can be utilized anywhere an email can be sent in our system. The benefit is that it’s much easier to navigate. The text comes through instantly and straight to your phone. And since you’re always on the go, this eliminates the need to constantly be sitting at your desk waiting to receive an email.

Overall, text messaging from Global Shop Solutions makes it easier to differentiate from the dozens to hundreds of emails you may get, and it’s wrapped up in an easy-to-read package. Our main goal is to simplify your manufacturing, and this is a great way to do so. A small status update with the most important information about your transaction gives you peace of mind so you don’t have to worry when you take that Starbucks break. Never worry about missing a thing, we have you covered.

For more information on how you can access Global Shop Solutions text messaging service, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

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